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Managing Relationships




6 Weeks


About the Course

The "Managing Relationships" course is a 6-week program designed to provide participants with valuable insights and practical skills for navigating romantic, platonic, and familial relationships from a Christian perspective. The course aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools to build healthy and thriving relationships based on biblical principles.

Throughout the seven weeks, students will explore various aspects of relationships, including communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and setting healthy boundaries. They will learn how to apply Christian values and teachings to foster love, understanding, and compassion in their interactions with others. The curriculum will cover topics like effective communication strategies, active listening, and empathy, enabling participants to build stronger connections and address conflicts constructively. They will gain a deeper understanding of God's design for relationships and the importance of mutual respect, trust, and forgiveness.

Participants will also explore the significance of emotional and spiritual compatibility in relationships, learning how to discern God's guidance in forming and maintaining healthy connections with others. The course may also provide insights into recognizing and addressing toxic behaviors that can hinder the growth of relationships.

By the end of the "Managing Relationships" course, participants will be better equipped to cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships that honor God and contribute to their personal growth and the well-being of others. They will be empowered to navigate the complexities of relationships with grace, wisdom, and love, fostering an environment of mutual support and spiritual growth.

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