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Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry

This year, we celebrate Bishop Darryl S. Brister’s 30 years in the Pastorate.


From Pastor-Elect of Beacon Light Missionary Baptist Church to Apostle and Overseer of Beacon Light International Ministries, God has graced Bishop Brister to faithfully serve and lead our church through triumphs, changes, and challenges for three decades. Today, his life and ministry continue to impact and enrich the lives of individuals throughout our city, community, and the world.

"Throughout the Thirty" years of his tenure, Bishop Brister has displayed an enduring capacity to promote positive change and an unwavering commitment to fostering hope and light through the Great and Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, exemplified by his faithful service to others. From preaching and teaching the Word of the Lord, praying, along with First Lady Dr. Dionne F. Brister, for the people of God, and leading us in exercises for the mind, body, and spirit to supporting the education of students across the city and around the globe, providing spiritual support for incarcerated individuals, and engaging in the fight to eliminate world hunger, Bishop Brister serves as a true example of one who is “Built 2 Win,” a “Pillar of Hope,” and a “Beacon of Light.”


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